Introducing the Social Brand Chat Podcast


We have more exciting news to share with you today! Today we’re pleased to announce an exciting new podcast offering here at Brand Driven Digital. In an effort to continue the conversation started at the Social Brand Forum around building better brands online, we are partnering with KXIC (800 AM on your dials) in Iowa City to produce the Social Brand Chat podcast. 

The radio show itself will air live Wednesdays at 7:30 in the morning on AM 800 KXIC. We’ll discuss social media and digital marketing best practices and take listeners’ calls at 319-354-0800 answering their questions about how to leverage social media to build their brand. Each Friday, we’ll publish this audio file as a podcast feed here at Brand Driven Digital.

kxic-am_logo_0_1330540440This exciting new partnership does a couple of different things. First it provides you with even more helpful content in a fun new audio format. Plus it gives us a chance to practice what we preach. As Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman say in Content Rules, you should always be re-imagining your content. When I was approached by my friend Jay Capron at KXIC about doing a radio show it seemed like a good form for continuing our local outreach. However, it didn’t take long to realize that with a quality audio file, we could easily publish this as a podcast feed here, as we don’t currently have a podcast on the site.

To be clear, I do currently host another podcast, The Work Talk Show, with my co-host DJ Waldow. We will continue doing that as well but it takes place off-site and is a bit different as we talk with crazy smart guests in a much longer and looser format on how they get work done. Social Brand Chat won’t feature guests but Jay and I will take audience calls at 319-354-0800 and questions. I like to think of it as a bit like social media’s answer to Car Talk (a favorite audio show of mine).

You can listen to our first introductory show here and tune in on Wednesdays live on the radio on KXIC 800 AM if you’re local, or we’ll publish the show as a podcast here on Fridays. As always, we’ll take your questions in the comments below or by contacting us via our online form. We will also take questions on our Facebook page and you can follow the conversation on Twitter using the #SocialBrandChat.