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Lesley Bielby literally wrote the book on agency account planning—Super Strategist. A 30-year veteran of the world of advertising, she’s now Co-CEO of DiMassimo Goldstein, a leader in Positive-Behavior Change marketing. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Lesley Bielby

Lesley Bielby is the Co-CEO of DiGo (DiMassimo Goldstein), the industry-leading agency in Positive Behavior Change marketing, and has authored the only modern guide in account planning, Super Strategist: The Art and Science of Modern Account Planning. A 30-year veteran in the world of advertising, she was one of the British account planners to cross the pond in the turn of the century, to bring the discipline to America. In addition to DiGo, Lesley has led and been a part of a number of agencies including Hill Holiday, McKinney and Silver, Digitas, and MMB.

Episode Highlights

What is Positive Behavior Change marketing? You know me—I love definitions. Turns out, Positive Behavior Change marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Marketing that inspires a positive change in the life of the consumer. Lesley shared an example from her agency’s work with Better Help.

The role of research. First, it must be truly integrated. “It’s about identifying holes at the brand level and what’s needed to fill those holes.”

“Creative is still king,” Lesley notes, adding that in today’s shape-shifting advertising and marketing industry, it’s important to ground the work in research and insights.

What brand has made Lesley smile recently? I couldn’t wait to hear what I was sure was a research/insight-driven smile from Lesley. And she delivered with a story about the latest campaign from UK-based Pot Noodle.

To learn more, check out the DiMassimo Goldstein website as well as Lesley’s book Super Strategist.

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