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Jamie Gier is CMO of Ceros, helping top brands like NBC Universal, United Airlines, and United Healthcare create immersive content experiences. In our always-on world, customers are looking for greater connection with their brands. This isn’t easy as there’s more noise than ever. We discussed how brands can stand out with immersive content, this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Jamie Gier

As CMO of Ceros, Jamie works with many top brands including NBC Universal,, JP Morgan, Wall Street Journal, United Airlines, and United Healthcare to create immersive content experiences. With more than 25 years of experience, Jamie has worked with leading tech companies from healthcare to education to grow and scale by creating impactful brands, designing revenue-gathering go-to-market strategies, and leading high-performance teams. Prior to Ceros, Jamie held roles at DreamBox Learning, SCI Solutions (now R1), Microsoft, and GE Healthcare. She also served as a board member for Page Ahead, a nonprofit focused on the literacy needs of at-risk kids in Washington state, and chairs its marketing and fund development committee.

Episode Highlights

“Marketing and branding sometimes have a bad reputation,” Jamie noted. This led her to deliberately seek out meaningful industries like education and healthcare.

What’s an example of an immersive brand experience? Jamie pointed us to Kimpton Properties and their “Summer Like You Mean It” campaign, which offered customers a literal glimpse of what their vacation could look like. Immersive content is engaging content.

“You have to start with customers,” Jamie notes. “What’s your customer’s buying journey? What motivates them? What’s their persona?” Too often, marketers start with what they want to create rather than what their customers actually need. You can’t afford to make this mistake.

What do marketers need to remember about story? “The customer should be the hero of your story,” Jamie notes. She also talked about the power of story to connect people citing work from Atlantic columnist Arthur Brooks and P&G.

What brand has made Jamie smile recently? Jamie loves watching Shark Tank with her son and was so impressed with the startup Pluto Pillows that she bought one. When the product arrived, as Jamie notes, the packaging both surprised and delighted (SPOILER ALERT: Candy was involved).

To learn more, connect with Jamie on LinkedIn.

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