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“It’s the simple things that I think people overlook because they’re trying to be so complicated or complex.” Beth Trejo is a force. As CEO and Founder of Chatterkick, she works to infuse the world of social media and digital marketing with a human spark. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Beth Trejo

Beth Trejo is the leader, mentor, torchbearer, innovator, founder and CEO of Chatterkick. As a trailblazing entrepreneur, Beth loves to take risks and starting Chatterkick in 2012 was her biggest one yet. Defying the odds of successful female-founded start-ups, Beth not only prevailed, she grew her company with a predominantly female staff. Beth started her social media agency with a lot of goals in mind, like redefining how businesses connect with people and providing a human connection in the digital world.

But she also had a deliberate goal to advance the role of women in the tech industry and enhance the potential of Siouxland women in order to create real change in the community. Beth locally mentors women and non-profits because she believes that high tech offers a fulfilling and unique career – and she launched a podcast in order to connect female leaders across the state of Iowa. She incorporates her passion for the digital landscape and social media into nearly every role she has known, from her craft as an entrepreneur and local business advocate to her calling as a wife and mom of two tech-savvy kids. She is kind, she is generous and she is a force.

Episode Highlights

“Everyone’s looking for things they don’t have.” Beth drew on her experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes to discuss this somewhat universal need. “Small businesses are looking to compete with big businesses, big businesses are looking to have that personal connection.”

How can you create a more human connection in your digital marketing? Beth talked a lot about the power of podcasting, which creates a close connection with your audience. “People want that feeling—that human connection.”

The key to chatbots is … copywriting? Beth made a strong case for why successful integration of AI and chatbots is dependent on effective copywriting skills. “Copywriting or even just using an emoji. It’s the simple things that I think people overlook because they’re trying to be so complicated or complex. Make sure you can communicate in all forms—especially writing.”

What brand has made Beth smile recently? For her smile, Beth pointed us to the innovative scroll-stopping ads she gets from

To learn more, go to, check out their podcasts, or email Beth now.

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