How Music Grows Brands with Rebecca Jolly

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Rebecca Jolly is co-author of the new book How Music Grows Brands. As a consultant she focuses on innovative brand solutions across the music and entertainment industries to drive growth and connect with audiences. She discussed how brands need to approach music differently this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Rebecca Jolly

Rebecca Jolly is a global business consultant focused on innovative brand solutions across the music, publishing, and entertainment industries, utilizing the power of music to drive growth, connect with audiences, and as a vehicle for change and impact. She’s worked for and with music entities including Beatport, Spotify, SFX Entertainment, Mixmag, and MassiveMusic in New York, London, and Amsterdam. Her brand work extends into some of the biggest global consumer brands including Microsoft, Budweiser, Samsung, Diageo, and New Balance.

Rebecca’s work has been featured in Billboard, Entrepreneur, and Music Week. Rebecca speaks regularly on industry panels, including Cannes Lions, SXSW, and ADE, and has also been featured as a guest lecturer at NYU.

Episode Highlights

Brands and music should go together but … Yeah. As Rebecca began, “Music doesn’t fall as early as it should in brand strategy.” That’s why she’s set out to change how we think about this.

Two great On Brand guests = one great book. Rebecca teamed up with our previous On Brand guest Joe Beliotti (known for his music work at Coca-Cola) in authoring the new book, How Music Grows Brands. “We wanted to create a field guide to address this issue and help brands.”

“Music consumption has changed over the last 30 years,” Rebecca noted. “Gen Z consumes music in a very different way. But music is a big passion point. If you can get this right it will pay off in dividends.”

What brand has made Rebecca smile recently? Though Rebecca hates being put on the spot, she delivered with a smile-worthy UK brand—Minor Figures oat milk. Her most-consistent smiles from the brand come from their hilarious social media that includes everything from ducks in costume to ASMR.

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