How Do You Know Which Content to Try First?


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question we received recently following a Social Media Club Des Moines event: “How do we choose which platform to try first for content?” Getting started with content marketing in various forms is a challenge many face. Let’s chat about how and where we should get started with content marketing.

Finding the right type of content to meet your customers’ digital needs is a trial and error process. You have to approach your work with a “guess and test” strategy and figure out which types of content and which social networks make the most sense. This week, we also had a call from Mona at Kirkwood Community College, who asked how she could make her classes that she teaches more social.

For this week’s social media news, we discussed an update from Facebook with some changes on what’s favored most in the news feed — plain text updates vs. links — and how this affects your brand.

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