How Do You Keep Up with Everything — Like Hyperlapse?


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question I get all the time online and off, “How do you keep up with everything? There are updates to social networks constantly!” Even this week we saw the release of a new app from Instagram, Hyperlapse. Let’s chat about this. 

Facebook? Check. Twitter? Check. Instagram? Check. Pinterest? Check. We’ve got them all, right? RIGHT?!? Too often we treat social networks like items on a checklist that we need to arbitrarily cross off. Instead we need to focus on what makes the most sense. This means taking a big step back and establishing a solid business objective and understanding which networks will help you achieve your goal. More on that in the podcast.

For this week’s social media news we talked about the aforementioned app from Instagram, Hyperlapse, which helps you take smooth time-lapse videos. Read more on the Instagram blog.

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