Finding Your Brand’s Sub-Culture with Rebecca Coleman

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Rebecca Coleman is the President of The Narrative Group and leads US operations for We Are Social. Her work is defined by the innovative approach of earned-led thinking, which has been used by brands including Mcdonald’s, Harmless Harvest, and Universal Pictures. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Rebecca Coleman

Rebecca Coleman holds over 20 years of experience in building great relationships with clients and even better campaigns for their brands. Currently, she is President at The Narrative Group, an award-winning creative agency that specializes in earned-led brand experiences for some of today’s biggest brands including McDonald’s, Harmless Harvest, and Universal Pictures. Previously, Rebecca founded Something Massive, a strategy-led advertising agency and production company with clients like Plum Organics, Oikos, and KIND.

Episode Highlights

News about The Narrative Group. As we began the interview, Rebecca shared that her company, The Narrative Group, just merged with We Are Social—the world’s largest social media agency. “A bit part of what got their attention was our work on Minions …”

Making Minions cool again. When client Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures came up with the strategy to make minions cool again, they worked with The Narrative Group to help take on the challenge.

“Culture has decentralized today,” Rebecca explained, noting the importance for brands of focusing on sub-cultures of their audiences and customers. “You not only have to show up in the right places—you have to be connected with their interests in places like TikTok.”

What brand has made Rebecca smile recently? “Liquid Death! They made water from cans—which is better for the environment than bottles—look badass.” This was a very on-brand smile as it’s all about knowing their subcultures.

To learn more, check out the websites for The Narrative Group and We Are Social and connect with Rebecca on LinkedIn.

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