Finding and Following Your Brand’s Purpose with Robin Fisher Roffer

“You’re only a brand if you have meaning beyond your name.” One of the more challenging questions I ask on a regular basis is, “How do you define what a brand is?” Strategist Robin Fisher Roffer didn’t miss a beat. You have to have meaning and communicate it across all touchpoints. You know, the easy stuff! We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Robin Fisher Roffer

Brand strategist and storyteller, Robin Fisher Roffer has provided the rocket fuel that has launched and evolved dozens of media brands all over the world such as A&E, Animal Planet, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, FX, Hallmark Channel, History, Lifetime, MTV, and TNT.

As Founder and CEO of Big Fish Marketing, Inc., she leads an award-winning creative team adept at unearthing a brand’s essence and filter, its look, feel and tagline, market positioning, value proposition and key messaging to both consumers and the trade.

With a mission to inspire professionals to fearlessly reach their potential, Robin has authored four books, including Make A Name For Yourself (now available on audible) and Your No-Fear Career, 2nd Edition.

Episode Highlights

“Every day is a day to become brand new.” Robin offered this inspirational mantra for brands everywhere. You can further your brand’s story or write a new one every single day. How can you tell your story?

It’s all about the mission statement. And, no, the mission statement isn’t that bloated couple of paragraphs at the front of your annual report or in a framed poster in your lobby. Robin reminds us that your mission — why you do what you do — should be seven words or less. She has a whole chapter on this in her book, Your No-Fear Career.

What’s the purpose of your purpose? “Your mission should be what you walk, lock-step toward every day — your North Star.”

Don’t bury the lede. FX didn’t. Like journalists, Robin reminded us not to bury the lede. Often we have to work to uncover our real purpose. Robin related a story about FX. While most of the network’s programming consists of movies, they have several award-winning original TV shows. “They put their best foot forward” by making their brand about original programming.

What brand has made Robin smile? We all know Apple is great but Robin smiled when, after installing the new iOS software, she received a text from Apple with an emoji heart. “Every touchpoint, a brand has to do something to show their love.

To learn more, go to Robin’s website.

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