Designing Sustainable Brands with Alex Moulton

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Alex Moulton is Chief Creative Officer at Trollbäck+Company, a firm known for designing strategic, sustainable brands including the UN’s sustainability goals. When he’s not leading creative efforts at Trollbäck, you can find Alex working as a DJ and composter. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Alex Moulton

Alex Moulton is Chief Creative Officer at Trollbäck+Company and oversees its exceptional creative and strategic thinkers, designers, and makers to build strategic identities, sustainable brands, and moving experiences. Alex has worked across a diverse range of businesses and institutions including Apple, Google, NBC Universal, NFL, Samsung, Viacom, and West Elm.

Outside his work at Trollbäck+Company, Alex is A DJ, composer, and avid speaker about topics at the intersection of music and design. Moulton has also been featured in Billboard, V Man, Electronic Musician, and XLR8R, and has performed at The Guggenheim.

Episode Highlights

How does a brand strategist end up working as a DJ? Or is it vice versa? I’ve always been fascinated by how music and sound can be used to advance a story,” Alex said of his work as a DJ.

What skills are needed to work in branding today? “There’s nothing better than learning on the job,” Alex said. However, he added that his ability to move between the business and artistic mindset has been invaluable.

Designing sustainable brands. First and foremost, which meaning of sustainability? “Both,” Alex says. His team at Trollbäck developed the UN’s sustainability goals. But he also focuses on building brands that are “lowercase S sustainable” and have longevity. This is easier said than done.

What brand has made Alex smile recently? Alex pointed us to a recent interview with Ryan Reynolds on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, where Reynolds clearly articulates what Mint Mobile does with regard to emotional investment.

To learn more, go to You can also listen to Alex’s work on his website

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