Creating a Heart-Centered Brand with Stephanie Nivinskus

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“Everyone has an important role to play in the big vision.” This week on the On Brand podcast, I was joined by Stephanie Nivinskus, CEO of SizzleForce Marketing. We talked about the impact of effective copywriting, creating brands with heart, leadership and culture, and more.

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About Stephanie Nivinskus

Stephanie Nivinskus is CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, a strategic copywriting agency. Since 1995, Stephanie has developed brand-building campaigns that have been used by Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks, Quicksilver, and The National Football League, along with hundreds of small, privately owned companies. She also is the creator of SizzleForce Marketing Academy, a digital training platform for small business owners who want to learn how to master their own marketing. She has written for Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines and is the author of the Internataional #1 Bestseller, Absolutely Unforgettable: The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Creating A Heart-Centered Brand And Standing Out In A Noisy World.

Episode Highlights

“We live in a very plastic world. We’ve lost the heart connection.” While Stephanie admits that there’s a time and a place for atomization, it’s resulting in falling out of touch with our connections and customers. She shared a story about how T-Mobile’s customer service delighted her by flipping the script.

How can you create brand with heart? “Start by identifying why the company is here. What is the story behind the startup.” From here, Stephanie reminds us you have to share it.

Building brands with heart starts internally. “Call a company-wide meeting” and tell the company’s story. Explain why you’re here. “Help them understand that the job they do isn’t just a job.”

What brand has made Stephanie smile recently? As the mother of teenage boys, Stephanie is a big fan of the Poo~Pourri brand. I reminded her of our interview with Poo~Pourri founder and CEO Suzy Batiz on the On Brand podcast.

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