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“A brand story should be built on a good narrative.” Jeff Swystun has built his career helping brands tell their stories. His career alone is storied with time at DDB and Interbrand. He’s also author fo the new book Why Marketing Works. We talked about why branding, marketing, and stories work this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Jeff Swystun

Jeff Swystun is a consulting CMO working with leading brands and brands that want to lead. Prior, Jeff was Chief Communications Officer at DDB Worldwide and Chief Marketing Officer at Interbrand. A prolific speaker and writer, Jeff has appeared at over 100 conferences in over 25 countries.

He is the author of The Brand Glossary; The Brand Marketers Report; Best Global Brands; Best Canadian Brands; and Best Chinese Brands, and the new book Why Marketing Works. Over 100 publications have featured Jeff including The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, Fast Company, Rolling Stone, and Managing Intellectual Property. He is a marketing expert for CNBC, USA Today, Toronto Star, and BNN.

Episode Highlights

“The tighter the brief, the better the result.” Measuring branding and marketing efforts is a challenge. And, all too often, it’s a challenge saved for the end of the process. Jeff reminded us that goals and metrics should be baked into every good creative brief.

Why do we need another marketing book? Jeff posed this very question as he considered writing a book. However, a trip to the local farmer’s market seeing vendors literally taking their wares to market served as a catalyst. This led Jeff to unearth classic marketing stories including the origins of Gillette and Nabisco, which he uses to illustrate the seven timeless principles in his new book Why Marketing Works.

“Brand strategy brings business strategy to life.” Jeff shared this quote which was a staple during Jeff’s time at Interbrand. Another great quote Jeff reminded me of …

“Our business is furious plagiarism,” Mark Twain once said. In the spirit of my fellow Midwesterner, I’m going to plagiarize this quote.

What brand has made Jeff smile recently? “I love what LaCoste has done lately.” Jeff shared the story of how the iconic brand first broke into the American market and how they’re redefining their brand in the modern era by building awareness for endangered crocodiles.

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