How to Build a TV Brand with Andy Bryant and Charlie Mawer

“There’s something inherently valuable about viewing television.” Andy Bryant and Charlier Mawer would know. As the creative force behind the UK’s Red Bee agency, they help global clients such as the BBC, NBC Universal, and Fox market their networks and shows. They’re also co-authors of the new book The TV Brand Builders: How to Win Audiences and Influence Viewers. I couldn’t wait to discuss TV brands past, present, and future on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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Andy Bryant and Charlie Mawer

Andy Bryant is Managing Director of Red Bee, a London-based, internationally acclaimed creative agency specializing in marketing and design for TV brands. He is a recognised thought leader in his field and frequent speaker at leading industry conferences globally on TV brand strategy, marketing, and creativity. He is an Honorary Professor of Film & TV Studies at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Charlie Mawer is Exec Creative Director of Red Bee, responsible for their global creative output. Acknowledged world leaders in channel branding and entertainment marketing, they have worked in over 30 countries with clients including BBC, UKTV, NBC Universal, and Fox, winning a myriad of creative awards including European Agency of the Year for four successive years. A BAFTA nominee, and former Promax UK chairman, Charlie has lectured around the world including for a variety of universities, for TEDxTalks, the BFI, and D&AD.

Episode Highlights

“Marketing came late to television. For many networks like the BBC it wasn’t until the late 1990s that they started marketing.”

Now the very definition of ‘TV brands’ is changing. Is it channels and networks? Or programs and shows? What about Netflix and Amazon? Is TV really just the box we watch on? “You could end up down a rabbit hole on this one.” Indeed. Ultimately TV and TV brands encompass all of this. It’s so much more than the box we watch on.

The timing of TV branding has changed too. “In the old days if you had a new drama series to launch, you’d plan a campaign and execute it over a 3–4 week period. Now the dialogue is continuous on a daily basis.” Even during the hiatus! TV is never off.

It’s not just shilling the show. It’s continuing the story. “Will House’s demons consume him? Will Don Draper find contentment.” Social media connections have deepened the conversations and relationships we have with TV brands.

More importantly, how about the fact that there’s no Doctor Who in 2016! “Yeah … that’s probably less disciplined than some shows but they’ll be fine. You have this iconic brand created in the ‘60s with all of the right DNA. Iconography like the TARDIS, a brilliant system of continuous cast renewal.” Red Bee was involved in the recent 50th anniversary campaign for Doctor Who.

What brand has made Andy and Charlie smile recently? “TruTV is a brand that we weren’t aware of but the way they use social media to ‘troll the trolls.’ And also the FX Network with the final episode of The People vs. OJ Simpson featuring a cross promotion for their new series Atlanta.”

To learn more, check out The TV Brand Builders on Amazon and at Kogan Page. You can also learn more at their blog

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