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As Global Head of Brand at Qualtrics, Jesse Purewal is a leader in brand experience. How can brands build standout experiences? It all comes down to purpose and empathy. This work is also at the heart of Jesse’s Qualtrics-sponsored podcast Breakthrough Builders. We deconstructed empathy, experience, and how brands can be relentlessly relevant, this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Jesse Purewal

Jesse Purewal is a builder, storyteller, and strategist who works with leaders to define their organization’s brand purpose, activate brands through modern marketing and drive brand-driven growth and impact through rigorous insight, unfiltered creativity, and experiential innovation. Over 12 years at global marketing firm Prophet, Jesse helped grow the organization from 70 to 450 employees and tripled the company’s revenue. It was also at Prophet that Jesse and his teams launched transformative brands like T-Mobile’s Uncarrier, Intel’s Amazing, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and Amazon’s Amazon Business.

Today, Jesse is the Global Head of Brand at Qualtrics, where he is defining the category of Experience Management and building a brand around breakthroughs at one of the most valuable SaaS companies in the world. He is also the host of the podcast Breakthrough Builders, a Qualtrics-sponsored show that invites people whose passions, perspectives, and instincts have impacted the world to share their stories. With curiosity at the forefront of every conversation, Jesse’s mission is to pave the way for inspiration that unfolds into execution.

Episode Highlights

Defining experience management. We began our conversation on this topic. “It’s really running your business from the outside in,” Jesse explains.

Experience can be vast. How can we get our arms around it? “You have to take a deconstructionist approach—understanding each and every step of your customer’s journey.” Qualtrics helps brands employ empathy at scale.

“Being a purpose-driven brand matters more than ever,” notes Jesse. “It’s not about the latest discount or product release. Brands have to be relentlessly relevant.” Jesse then shared two great examples of brands doing this—Etsy and Google’s new Pixel6.

What brand has made Jesse smile recently? Jesse pointed us to Intuit’s “You Do Your Thing” campaign for TurboTax. He was quick to note that this is a multi-layered smile as it showcases the brand’s authenticity with both humor and empathy. However, it’s also very on-brand strategically.

To learn more, visit Jesse’s website and check out the Breakthrough Builders podcast.

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