Being a Brand Editor with Gaggle’s Rob Yoegel

rob yoegel

“There’s no one size fits all in marketing today. It’s like football, though. Everyone is trying to move the ball down the field.” In a career that has taken him from commercial publishing to financial services B2B and now educational technology, Rob Yoegel has navigated many different customer profiles across many industries. This week on the On Brand podcast, Gaggle’s VP of Marketing shares why we should all think of ourselves as brand editors.

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About Rob Yoegel

Rob Yoegel is a marketing leader, Internet pro, content strategist, corporate storyteller, and brand editor. He’s Vice President of Marketing at Gaggle, where he leads all marketing initiatives for the K-12-focused learning management system and its subsidiary, Authority, promoting a consistent brand message, engagement, sales, customer retention and positive customer behavior.

A creative visionary, content strategist, skilled writer, digital publishing professional, effective communicator, and marketer who embraces and enjoys new technology, Rob developed an award-winning content marketing program, and spent more than a decade building successful content, sales and marketing initiatives for a business-to-business and consumer enthusiast publishing company.

Episode Highlights

We spend too much time worrying about B2B vs. B2C. “We’re all humans. We all have the same emotional drivers.” Rob advises marketers to cast aside their industry stereotypes and focus on the common denominators that unite and motivate customers.

Did digital kill brand advertising? “Branding is just as important today. It just looks different. You have to be open to ideas from everyone, everywhere.”

Nothing can replace thinking like the customer. “My decisions are based on a theory of thirds. It’s about one-third my gut, one third other people in my organization, and one third the customer.” You have to learn more about your customers. Rob does this by working closely with sales and customer service at Gaggle.

The integration between online and offline brand touch points. In serving educators, trade shows and events are a big part of Rob’s marketing as well. These in-person brand touch points provide opportunities to show Gaggle’s fun personality, which can be harder online.

What brand has made Rob smile? “I love the B2B brands who do such a great job with branding that you might not know exactly what they do. Like SAP.” As we discussed, this branding prowess can be double-edged sword.

To learn more about Rob you can follow him on Twitter and check out his blog.

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