B2B Podcasting Best Practices with Prarthana Sibal

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Prarthana Sibal is Head of Client Services at Pikkal & Co, a B2B podcast agency. This week she joined me on the On Brand podcast for a discussion of global podcasting markets and how to plan an effective B2B podcast.

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About Prarthana Sibal

As Head of Client Services at award-winning B2B Podcast Agency Pikkal & Co. Prarthana Sibal has managed over 1,000 Podcast Episodes from idea to launch. Branding, Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Brand Reputation, and Podcasting for Brands. Born in India, Educated in SMU Singapore. She is based in Singapore. And she’s our guest this week on the On Brand podcast.

Episode Highlights

Is it still the ‘golden age’ of podcasting? Prarthana added an important global perspective to this opening question. “You have to remember that Asia is 5–6 years behind the west. We still have a long way to go (in this growth).”

How do you start a B2B podcast? “First, you have to align your podcast objective with your business objective.” From here, Prarthana shared the three most frequent B2B podcasting objectives:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acquisition
  3. Influence

What’s one of the most critical needs in planning and launching a successful B2B podcast? “Your podcast design depends on your business objective and your host.” Specifically, Prarthana stressed the importance of the host’s style and the relationships they’ve built. These “people skills” ensure that your show can facilitate engaging conversations with guests.

What brand has made Prarthana smile recently? “It’s not really a brand, it’s a person—Gary Vee.” Prarthana shared how Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of what we were just talking about.

To learn more about Prarthana, connect with her on LinkedIn or check out the Pikkal & Co. website.

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