Why Brands Have a Responsibility to Do Good with Alexandra Dimiziani

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“I started out struggling with doing business and doing good. It’s always presented as this zero-sum game. And it doesn’t have to be.” Alexandra Dimiziani has spent her career building iconic brands such as Coca-Cola and Airbnb. Today she’s co-founder/managing partner of TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, where she helps build, well — brands for the 21st century! We discussed what this means and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Alexandra Dimiziani

Alexandra Dimiziani has enjoyed a ‘lattice’ career full of both awe-inspiring and awkward moments. Her experience runs a gamut, from developing advertising campaigns for iconic brands like Ralph Lauren, National Geographic, and The Economist out of New York, to leading a non-profit organization in Rwanda committed to improving the health of the most vulnerable populations. Other sideways moves include a year of solo backpacking around the world, authoring a book, and obtaining a Masters degree in investigative journalism, to name a few.

In 2006, Alex joined The Coca-Cola Company as Global Creative Director on the health and wellness portfolio and corporate social responsibility efforts. Eight years later she joined the Airbnb team, eventually taking the role of Global Marketing Director. Alex and the team thrust the brand onto the world stage, winning numerable effectiveness and creative accolades along the way, including Lions, Webbys and Effies.

Alexandra was named a Brand Innovator Woman to Watch in 2017 and one of 25 EMEA Innovators in 2016.

Episode Highlights

“People are more familiar with brand platforms than political party platforms.” With great power comes great responsibility because today …

“Brands have a right and responsibility — it’s that spidey thing.” Alex went on to talk about how brands need to foster an “enlightened self-interest.”

“64% want CEOs to take charge.” That includes leadership on social issues. Alex pointed us to the latest release of the Edelman Trust Barometer which reinforces this.

How do you create a brand and build the category at the same time? Alex had to tackle this while at Airbnb. “You have to hammer home the functional value — the why. The purpose is at its most important.”

What makes a 21st century brand? You have to be community-focused and narrative-based. “Share one story. You have to have one narrative story to rule them all.”

What brand has made Alexandra smile recently? Nike. They continue to do bold work that builds strong connections with the community they serve.

To learn more, connect with Alex on LinkedIn and visit the TwentyFirstCenturyBrand website.

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