Nick Westergaard. Helping you tell your story. Educator. Author. Iowan.

Helping you
tell your story

Educator. Author. Iowan.

With a foot in the college classroom and foot in the field, Nick Westergaard has been called “the Indiana Jones of marketing and communication.” He helps organizations and individuals tell stronger stories and build better brands.

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From small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to keynote stages at conferences throughout the world, Nick Westergaard helps people struggling to successfully share their stories in our distracted, digital world. Through his branding and marketing consulting and speaking, he helps scrappy teams overcome message and media obstacles. He also helps leaders craft powerful presentations through his executive communication coaching and speaking.

Clients Include

President's Jobs Council
Hills Bank
Collins Aerospace
Edison Research

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The On Brand podcast helps organizations and individuals tell stronger stories and build better brands. Each week host Nick Westergaard interviews marketing and communication thought leaders or those working for innovative brands like Adobe, Ben & Jerry’s, Cisco, Maker’s Mark, the Minnesota Vikings, The Onion, Salesforce, and Whole Foods.