Nick Westergaard

Nick Westergaard


With a foot in the college classroom and a foot in the field, he knows what works and why. Named one of the "most jaw-dropping marketing speakers,” he keynotes conferences and events throughout the world.

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From small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to classrooms at the University of Iowa to keynote stages at conferences throughout the world, Nick Westergaard helps people build better brands by telling smarter stories. Learn, laugh, and leave with ideas you can implement right away.

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What Your Brand Can Learn from Netflix’s Response to Kevin Spacey

By Nick Westergaard on

The Gazette

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to think about crisis communication. Imagining potential hazards that could befall your brand is an easy way to get your thoughts and emotions running amok. What if we have a high-profile customer service fail? What if someone from our organization is caught up in a scandal? For example, I doubt anyone at Netflix loved the idea of strategizing what to do if the star of one of their most-viewed series was revealed as a longtime sexual predator. (more…)

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Nick is also the host of the popular On Brand podcast, where he interviews industry thought leaders as well as brand builders from Ben & Jerry’s, McDonalds, Cisco, Allianz, The Onion, the Minnesota Vikings, and more.

On Brand

“Nick set the tone of the conference by providing valuable insights on the ‘Future of Social’ in a humorous manner. The audience was captivated and the thunderous applause at the end only confirmed the fantastic job he did.”
Keith Jenkins, Organizer The Social Travel Summit