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We live in a brand-driven world. Despite all of today’s shiny new things, strong brands with great stories still matter. The biggest question: How can you take advantage of these new digital tools to build your brand, tell your story, and grow your business?

Nick Westergaard is a strategist, speaker, author, and educator. He helps organizations of all shapes and sizes build better brands online. Nick does this by balancing thought-provoking insights and practical tips with a humorous delivery. You’ll learn, laugh, and, most importantly, get new ideas that you can use right away. Get to know Nick >

“Nick set the tone of the conference by providing valuable insights on the ‘Future of Social’ in a humorous manner. The audience was captivated and the thunderous applause at the end only confirmed the fantastic job he did.”
Keith Jenkins, Organizer The Social Travel Summit

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“I want your next event to be a great one. As a speaker, I work with you to understand the goals of your event and the needs of your audience. That way I can customize my presentation to your industry and attendees. I’ll also help you promote the event. Whether that’s creating a video for you, blogging about it, or even sharing it on social media. I look forward to being a part of your next conference or corporate event.”