Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

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Get Scrappy Resources

  • Scrappy Sketchbook — An exclusive 22-page PDF written and illustrated by Nick Westergaard. See the sketches that helped bring this idea from the stage to the page. Download PDF.
  • Scrappy Summary — An exclusive 3-page PDF overview of the book’s content. Download PDF.
  • Scrappy Foreword by Ann Handley — The best-selling author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules provides the foreword to the book. Get early access to Ann’s scrappy setting of the stage. Download PDF.
  • Scrappy Influencer Table — Developed by Tamsen Webster of Oratium, this audience analysis table featured in Chapter 7 of Get Scrappy provides marketers with a useful tool for how to allocate time on social media. You’ll have early access and a useful reference for your desk. Download PDF.
  • Scrappy Marketers Unite Facebook Group — Get access to a secret invitation-only group on Facebook where Nick Westergaard will be sharing ideas from the book, tips, and other stories. You can also share your scrappy stories as part of this exclusive community. While this will eventually shift to being a secret group, we’ve made it ‘closed’ for now so you can join the group via this link. If you have any trouble joining, please email [email protected]

I hope you enjoy Get Scrappy!

Are you feeling like David in a field of marketing Goliaths? Get scrappy. Organizations of any size can use the principles in this book to stretch their digital marketing reach.
Daniel H. Pink, Author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

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