Let me tell you a story … 

I bet those six words got your attention. As overwhelmed human beings, we are, in short, story machines. We consume stories in many forms throughout our day and write stories of our own to explain the world around us. As neuroscientist Antonio Damasio says, “Stories are the fundamental way in which the brain organizes information in a practical, memorable manner.” We need story to make the world make sense. Marketers are no exception. (more…)

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Old Man Yells at Clubhouse (Admits Businesses Should Try It)

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and my monthly business column for The Gazette isn’t done. Actually, it isn’t even started. I’ve procrastinated. Again. As I made the walk of shame to my home office in an attempt to get a draft going before the game, my wife asked, “What are you going to write about?” I grumbled, “I’ll probably just write an Old Man Yells at Cloud column about Clubhouse.” (more…)

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Branding, Leadership

How Leaders and Brands Can Embrace Empathy in 2021

Happy New Year! As an author, speaker, podcast host, and educator, I’m often asked for trends that I see on the horizon of a new year. Twenty twenty-one was no exception. However, with the traumatic year we’re leaving behind and the hope that a new year brings, answering this question this year proved a daunting task. (more…)

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