At this point, most of us have already seen tons of articles and videos on things like “How to do XYZ in the midst of COVID-19.” Some have been good. Others have been not so good. As marketers in today’s fast-moving media environment, we’re told to be relevant. It’s one thing when that’s connecting to something in the zeitgeist like Tiger King or a current event. But when it’s a global pandemic, it’s something else entirely. (more…)

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The Secret to Successful Rebranding

Recently, I was having coffee with a friend who sits on a local board with me. The organization is embarking on a bold new rebrand that I’ve been consulting on. As we discussed the process, he asked me, “What’s the biggest challenge in rebranding?” That’s a challenging question. Rebranding itself is a challenging endeavor. (more…)

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A Presidential Communication Reading List

For me, every day is President’s Day. I’ve been a fan of presidential history since childhood. Like many, it began with a grade-school fascination with the Civil War and World War II history. This led to deep dives on Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and others. And the rest, as they say, is history, as adult-Nick remains an avid reader of presidential biographies. (more…)

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Good marketing isn’t about expensive ad campaigns or jumping on the latest social bandwagon. Whether your company is a Fortune 500 behemoth or a nascent startup, Nick Westergaard’s detailed advice about how to Get Scrappy – and do more with less – is certain to improve your business.
Dorie Clark, Author of Stand Out and Reinventing You, Professor at Duke University Fuqua School of Business

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